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Alternative country, synonymous with Americana, may be all the rage in music today, but what if the country really was an alternative? What if it wasn't Americana, but Canadicana? Tamarack, with their soaring three part harmonies sweeping out in a wave of sound, answers that question. In the 19 years they've been performing, they've cemented a glowing reputation for original material delivered in a powerhouse traditional/historical style. Sharing inspiration and influences with Canadian songwriting icons Stan Rogers, and James Keelaghan, and roots rockers The Cowboy Junkies, on Thirteen, (their thirteenth album) Tamarack expand their writing to include glimpses of Canada and America today, and expand their musical palette to include blues and folk-rock, while retaining the intimacy, harmonies, and traditional acoustic base at the core of their sound.

Hailing from near Toronto in Guelph, Ontario, James Gordon, Alex Sinclair, and Molly Kurvink are Tamarack. James has been performing with Tamarack for all of it's 19 years, and Alex has been with the group for 12. Both bring a strong affinity for traditional music, exceptional songwriting ability, and multi-instrumental talent to the group. Newest member Molly Kurvink comes from Guelph's rock and blues scene, bringing a fresh energy and edge to Tamarack's style.

A musical legend in Canada, the Cowboy Junkies cover of Tamarack's "Mining For Gold" is Tamarack's best known song in the United States. Cowboy Junkie Jeff Bird was a founding member of Tamarack, and though Bird no longer records with the group, on Thirteen it's obvious that the sound he forged with the Cowboy Junkies still has it's roots in Tamarack's music.

Favorable reviews and their previous six years touring in the US has made Tamarack a well known name internationally, and Tamarack's previous Folk Era release, Leaving Inverarden was one of the most played Canadian recordings on US and CBC acoustic radio. Tamarack has been featured in three CBC television specials, appeared on CBC and US radio from coast to coast, and with Thirteen is sure to reach an even larger audience yet.

"When you consider such songs as [James Gordon's] 'Mining For Gold,' 'Harvest Train,' 'Frobisher Bay,' 'Fields of Rock and Snow,' and 'Lonesome Cowboy's Lament,' you end up with as enduring a handful of songs as have ever been written in this country by a single writer."
-- Robert Reid, The Toronto Star

Currently available from Wind River Records:

Spirit & Stone - TAM4018D - Order Now!

Tamarack's latest release featuring the curent line-up of Alex, Molly and Shelley!
Campfire Light * Steady On * 1700 Years Ago * Retreating Like Tecumseh * The Hi-Lo Reel * Gradual Demise of All Things * The Old Wood Stove * Water Run Over the Stone * I Wish It Would Rain * Oh Donald * Those Fatal Lights * Dans Le Nord Canadien
Click highlighted songs to hear in Real Audio

Thirteen - TAM1443D - Order Now!

Tamarack - Thirteen
We Owe It To The Pioneers * Maynard's Big Front Porch * Hammers On The Scaffold * Hockey Town * Elizabeth Would Walk * Chippewa Smile * Red River Carts * The Mills Of Massachusetts * Highway 17 * Behind The False Fronts * Take Me Back to P.E.I. * Down The Old Tweed Road * Farther Along
Click highlighted songs to hear in Real Audio

Leaving Inverarden - TAM1432D - Order Now!

Tamarack - Leaving Inverarden
Leaving Inverarden * Magdalen McGillivray * The Ironmaster * Maple Syrup * Up On The Verandah * The Banks of the Rocky Saugeen * Tugboat Days * Pride of Muskoka * Till the Stopwatch Is Gone * A River Runs Trhough Lytton * Le Sergent * The Queen of Silver Centre * The Huntsville Fire
Click highlighted songs to hear in Real Audio

On The Grand - TAM1421D - Discontinued

Tamarack - On The Grand
Our White Man's Word * Pawpine * The Song My Paddle Sings * Lochaber No More/Skirl of the Pipes * The Elora Mill * The Virginia Brand * The grand River Canal * She is Fickle * Lancashire Lasses * Brant County Roads * Buried Treasure * Dufferin County * Pioneer Tower Road
Click highlighted songs to hear in Real Audio

Frobisher Bay - TAM1409D - Discontinued

Tamarack - Frobisher Bay
Days of Sun and Wind * Oh, Klondike * The Hangman's Eyes * Frobisher Bay * Loyal She Remains * The Vacuum Song * Charlie Fox * Pamela * No Herring Left In The Bay * Alaska Highway Driver * Logging Camp Christmas * The Greenland Whale
Click highlighted songs to hear in Real Audio

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