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Hunter Moore
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Hunter Moore’s best songs are careful, deliberate folk-pop tunes about the importance of moral values and the quiet inner struggles that make or break them...Delta Moon, Moore’s second album, reveals how he’s developed into one of Nashville’s most precise and eloquent songwriters.
-Michael McCall Nashville Scene

Hunter Moore

Currently available from Wind River Records:

South of St. Louis - HMO4031D - Order Now!
done gone got lucky
Enter * To Missouri * Antwerp Sunday Afternoon * Before * Good 4U * Just Because We Do * Goodbye Old Friend * Mississippi Mud * I Still Have My Dream * In the End * If Eveything Else Were Gone * Bad Dream * If I Didn't Love You * First Things Last * If You Were The Answer * Pardon My Nostalgia * I'm Recording * This Thing is Gonna Fly * The Carpenter * Myrtle Marie * Angelita * America * Exit
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