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Dick Weissman

Dick Weissmanhome bio press website

Having first achieved fame as a member of the legendary Journeymen, along with John Phillips (Mamas & Papas) and Scott McKenzie (If You Go To San Francisco, Be Sure To Wear Some Flowers In Your Hair), Dick Weissman has subsequently recorded several albums and written a number of books on music and the music business.

"[Weissman's] interplay between guitar, banjo, and flute is especially appealing"

-- The Denver Post

Currently available from Wind River Records:

TOURS/DETOURS - David Crabtree and Dick Weissman - DWE4024D - Order Now!

Dick Weissman - New Traditions

John Lee's Minor Mood * Blues for Bobby T. * Rio Or Not * The Long Way Home * Kite Festival Waltz * Fives * Wally Renounces the Vow of Poverty * No Boundaries * Banjo Insomnia * Reas of Light * Cowboy Reggae * 9/11 * The Slumlord's Gardener * Anglo Nova * Raggin' * Ye Olde Square Dance * Another Full Week of Rain

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PIONEER NIGHTS - DWE4017D - Order Now!

Dick Weissman - New Traditions
Django's Dilemma * Superstition Mountain * From Granada to Kingston * Delta Daybreak * Breeze-il * Mr. Banjeaurine Man * Alderbrook * Crabtree's Lament * Wolfgang's Banjo * Sunday Sermon * Rhapsody for Ron * The Left Hand Is The Dreamer * Mr Ricks Rag * Too many Tears * Making Waves * Tuesday, Tuesday * Pioneer Nights
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New Traditions - DWE1400D - Order Now!
Dick Weissman - New Traditions
New Traditions: Change Of Light; On My Way; Where The Blues Have Gone; Five Banjo Moods; Soon You Will Be Comin' Back To Me; Reprise * Sunday Soon * Two Nights In Tamerza * After Kentucky: Opening Theme; Mid Morning; The Light Behind the Foothills; Mountain Theme; Two Kinds Of Blues; Reprise
Click highlighted songs to hear in Real Audio

Reflections - DWE1444D - Order Now!
Dick Weissman - Reflections
Russell's Dream * Where I Come From * Reflections * Art's Tunes * Such A Long Time To Be Gone * Leadbelly In Belgium * Free Fouths * Bossa Banjo * Dust In My Dreams * Arabian Nights * Resting Place I: Respite * Resting Place II: Out In The World * Resting Place III: Resting Place * Cordless * Reflections, Take Two
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American Dream (The Uncommon Thread featuring Dick Weissman) - UTH1429D - Order Now!
Dick Weissman with The Uncommon Thread - American Dream
Colita * Kindred Spirits * Rocky's Rag * Clouds * New House * The Rues * Every Time It Rains * Brush Fire * Scirocco * December Dance * Four Aspects Of The Dance
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