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David RothDavid Roth

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James Taylor meets Jerry Seinfeld meets Joe Hill?

Kerrville New Folk award winner (1986), landslide top vote-getter at the Falcon Ridge (NY) Folk Festivalís "Most Wanted" competition (1996), and NAIRD INDIE nominee (1994 singer/songwriter album of the year) DAVID ROTH has gained national attention for his unique songs, moving stories, and powerful singing and subject matter. Since emerging from a nationwide field of several hundred artists to open Kerrville '87 in Texas, the Chicago native (and two-time national anthem singer for the NBA's Michael Jordan-era Bulls) has often been cited for his highly original, occasionally hilarious, and always thought-provoking contemporary acoustic music.

In addition to singing "Earth" at the 40th Anniversary of the United Nations, David's "Rising in Love" was performed by Andrea Marcovicci at the 100th Anniversary of Carnegie Hall in 1991. "Manuel Garcia" (based on the true story of one manís battle with cancer) appears in the international best-selling Chicken Soup for the Soul series, and Chicken Soup for the Kidís Soul includes Davidís "Nine Gold Medals" as one of 101 pieces selected from nearly 8,000 submissions. His work is also published in Barbara Glanzís McGraw-Hill business bestseller Care Packages for the Workplace and in her sequel Care Packages for the Home (Andrews-McMeel), featuring a DR song at the end of each chapter. You can also hear David's "Spacesuits" performed by Noel Paul Stookey on the current Peter, Paul & Mary tour.

"David's music will touch you to the very depths of your soul, make you laugh and cry, inspire you to rise and fly..."
-- Jack Canfield, co-author
Chicken Soup for the Soul series

Currently available from Wind River Records:

Practice Makes Progress - DRO4038D - Order Now!

David Roth - Practice Makes Progress


My Work Day * No Apologies * Lipstick On The Mirror * Things That Do Not Serve Me * Satyagraha * You Remind Me * Community of Faith * Subscriptions * Rocket Science * Practice Makes Progress * Ahmend Al-Khatib * Valentine In Panama * Special Penny * Ranch Of All Compassion * We Belong Together * Time For Bed

Click highlighted songs to hear in Real Audio

Think Twice- DRO4029D - Order Now!

David Roth - Irreconcilable Similarities

CD 1:
Round and Round * Rosa and the Three K's * Elijah * Halloween * Playing Catch * Seven Wonders * Another Day at Moses Brown * Woodstock Wind * Someone Standing There * Catherine and Georgia * Fateful Intersection * Rise We Will * What Can I Do * Beautiful World

Cape Cod * General Contractor * New House in Orleans * American Car * Moonlight Piano Favorites * Gush or Bore * Makin' Dough * Uncle Dave * Hank and Hymie * One Day at the Gates * Ego Trip * Never Go Together * Little Christmas Song * Dance for the Nations

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Irreconcilable Similarities - DRO4011D - Order Now!

David Roth - Irreconcilable Similarities
Cutter of Stone * Holland * I have Learned * The Dream * Seconds and Thirds * Those Two Times * A Little Something More * Sister Helen's Lists * Two For One in Podunk Town * Goodbye to My Dad * There is a Place * Three Signs * Magic Pill * Air of the Dog * Land of the Liters and Meters * Mailing List
Click highlighted songs to hear in Real Audio

Rising in Love - DRO1410D - Order Now!

David Roth - Rising in Love
Rising In Love * Don't Should On Me * Sounding * The Armor Song * Legacy * Will You Come Home * That Kind Of Grace * Wrinkles In Time * Five Blind Men * Manuel Garcia * Norman's Way * May The Light Of Love * Earth
Click highlighted songs to hear in Real Audio

Digging Through My Closet - DRO1414D - Order Now!

David Roth - Digging Through My Closet
Digging Through My Closet * Susitna * I'll Be Here For You * Nine Gold Medals * Spacesuits * Looking For Number One * Til You Give It Away * Thank You Mr. Ryan * How Do You Hold On To Love * Just A Wall
Click highlighted songs to hear in Real Audio

Nights at the Chez - DRO4001D - Order Now!

David Roth - Nights At The Chez
I Do Not Need A Bag * Heaven on Earth * Nights at the Chez * Trying to Dance * Be Kind to Yourself * This is the Year * Lend Your Heart to Love * Pearl Diver * Noeiwaul (triple ocarina) * Flag of Hope * Before I Die * Lullaby
Click highlighted songs to hear in Real Audio

Another Side of David Roth - DRO4002D - Order Now!

David Roth - Another Side of David Roth
Professional Standard * Long White Car * Star Spangled Banner and Me * Lost Wallet Waltz * A Fan Letter * First Class * Meatloaf * Foreign Guns * Mariner Fever * The Three Questions * Taller Than My Hair * Dear Writer Member * Waltzing Imelda * One in a Million * Camp Granola * Zip Cord Rip Code * The Saga of Freddie & Sam * Cheesecake * Nothing Better to Do * Know Your Love
Click highlighted songs to hear in Real Audio

If You Can't Fly - DRO4003D - Order Now!

David Roth - If You Can Fly
Everybody * Master's Degree * Bake Sale * Kids * Mother's Day Card * I Would Fight For You * Morning Person * Dragon to Butterfly * The Jordan Waltz * John & Josie * If You Can't Fly * Some Kind Of Hero * Meatloaf

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