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Paul Robeson
Paul Robeson

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Paul Robeson, born in 1898, was more than an All-American football player, an accomplished actor, and Columbia Law School graduate - he was the voice of a dream.

Paul spent his life (1898 to 1976) in an uphill battle. The first Black man to present a concert program consisting strictly of African-American spirituals, the man for whom Jerome Kern wrote "Old Man River," and the first Black man to portray Othello on Broadway, Robeson's popularity in America and world-wide made him the most recognized Black man in the world. After his huge initial successes in music and theater, he used the respect given to him by the American people to speak out for world peace, civil rights, and workers rights around the world. In doing so, he was tagged with Senator Joe McCarthy's "red" blacklist and Robeson effectively volunteered his personal freedom and his career for the causes he believed in.

The Paul Robeson albums presented here - THE PEACE ARCH CONCERTS and the Langston Hughes' inspired FREEDOM TRAIN, are historical proof that a citizens' right to freedom in the United States was not always guaranteed by the right of birth or citizenship. Whether it was singing on the U.S./Canadian border after having been restricted from leaving the country or giving a powerful concert to union workers in Wales by way of the telephone, Robeson's gift of uplifting and leading people was unequaled. The reverent quality of Robeson's deep-throated tenor illustrated songs of his people, songs of political protest, and songs of beauty as no one ever had before. And Paul's voice is as inspiring now as it was when his struggle for equality first began.

Paul believed that as an American citizen you should fight for what you believe in and suffered many consequences because of it. Becoming blacklisted, being prohibited from traveling outside of the United States, and effectively having his career relegated into oblivion were the most significant of the many consequences he endured. Listening to Robeson's plea for civil equality through his commanding speeches and riveting songs, Robeson's talent, Robeson's passion, and Robeson's power are unparalleled. Both FREEDOM TRAIN and THE PEACE ARCH CONCERTS are albums outlining a piece of history that will never be forgotten.

Both albums feature extensive liner notes telling Robeson's story, and the story behind the music on the albums, and have generated phenomenal reviews. These albums are more than just music. They are living, singing history.

Currently available from Folk Era Records:
The Peace Arch Concerts - PRO1442D - Order Now!
Paul Robeson - The Peace Arch Concerts

From May 18, 1952 Concert:
Peace Arch Introduction * Opening Remarks by Harvey Murphy * Paul Robeson's Welcoming Remarks * Every Time I Feel The Spirit * Intro to Joe Hill by Harvey Murphy * Joe Hill * Loch Lomond * Intro. to No More Auction Block * No More Auction Block * Oh No, John * Love Will Find Out The Way * Ol' Man River
From August 16, 1953 concert:
Introductory Speech by Harvey Murphy * Didn't My Lord Deliver Daniel * Go Down Moses * We Are Climbing Jacob's Ladder * Theme From Beethoven's 9th Symphony * Drink To Me Only With Thine Eyes * Joe Hill * Oh Thou Silent Autumn Night * Scandaliz' My Name * Song Of The Four Rivers * Without Thee (Gaelic Folk Song) * Chin Chin (Chinese Marching Song) * Speech
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Freedom Train - PRO1447D - Order Now!

Paul Robeson - Freedom Train


Freedom Train * Introduction from Will Paynter * Paul Robeson's Greetings * Didn't My Lord Deliver Daniel * All Through The Night * This Little Light Of Mine * All Men Are Brothers * Slumberland * Thanks From Wil Paynter * Y Deln Aur (The Golden Harp) * Thanks From Paul Robeson * Wales * We'll Keep A Welcome In the Hillside

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