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John Stewart
Rediscover Music Catalogue -
Carries other albums by John Stewart besides those available on Folk Era Records

Clack's Cellar is a tribute to John Stewart and other contemporary folk favorites. Full of links and info about John. -
In addition to containing information on subscribing to Bloodlines (the John Stewart mailing list), also contains information on ordering some of John's albums that aren't on Folk Era Records. -
Simon Brewer's California Bloodlines Classic Albums Page - Site Owner Simon Brewer writes: John Stewart's California Bloodlines album is a classic of country / folk / pop. This is the only site on the internet which looks at this album in detail - both in the recording / composition details and my own personal interpretation of it. -


Rediscover Music Catalogue
The Rediscover Music Catalogue, the mail-order house for Folk Era Records, is an 80 page newsprint catalogue featuring a huge variety of popular folk acts like the Kingston Trio, The Weavers, The Limeliters, Glenn Yarbrough, Joan Baez, Judy Collins, and many many others, primarliy from the 50's, 60's and 70's. There is also a great variety of newer and older material by a range of artists including bluegrass, old-time country, pop, and early rock n' roll. To communicate directly with them, call 1-800-232-7328.
Acoustic Music Net
The Acoustic Music Net is a wonderful resource full of links to all kinds of folk and acoustic musicians, as well as having quite a bit of information on folk and acoustic music in southern California. A good place to start to look for more information about more music like that featured on Folk Era and Wind River.
Gordon Lightfoot
A webpage about the famous Canadian singer/songwriter Gordon Lightfoot. This website includes lyrics to all songs, a discussion forum, a quiz, tour dates, a collection of press articles and photos and a lot more...
Folk Music '50s & '60s Radio
If you listen to Folk Music '50s & '60s Radio for very long, you'll soon realize that this station is not a typical classic folk station. Their focus is on the folk artists and singer-songwriters who were a part of the Folk Revival of that period. In fact, they play their whole body of work even when they experiment with other instruments or venture entirely off of the reservation into other genres. So, that means they're playing everything that Bob Dylan has ever recorded even when he started using <shudder> an electric guitar during the Newport Folk Festival in 1965. But they try to weight at least 75% of their songs played to the songs recorded during the actual 1950's & 1960's. They won't play a contemporary artist who is singing a Bob Dylan cover, no matter how well it is performed. They remain loyal fans of Willie Nelson, John Denver, Judy Collins, Carolyn Hester, Emmylou Harris, David Crosby, Glenn Yarbrough and hundreds of other great artists who joined or left various groups or who launched a solo career as they developed their art because they were caught up in the Great Folk Revival. Give them a listen!


You want to know where one of your favorite artists are playing? This is the place to look!
Songs Related to Domestic Abuse and Sexual Assault
Gerri Gribi's list of songs related to domestic violence and sexual assault. Among the artist's featured on the website is Wind River Recording Artist Cosy Sheridan and her song "A Bad Cliche." Many other excellent artists are featured there as well.


Elderly Instruments
If you're looking for instruments new or used, acoustic or electric, Elderly is the place to go. They're also who we recomend you seek out if you're looking for songbooks or sheet music. They don't have any songbooks devoted exclusively to the Kingston Trio, The Brothers Four, or The Chad Mitchell Trio, but they do have several compilation songbooks that feautre a diverse range of music and some of the the pop folk hits of the 60's like "Tom Dooley" are likely to show up somewhere. has the world's largest selection of guitar and bass guitar strings. They carry the full line of over 35 different string manufacturers.


There are two ways to purchase any of the CDs on this site. 1) Just write down the names or stock numbers of the items you are interested in. When you have chosen your items, go to Rediscover Music and type them into the "Search" field. OR 2) Click on the "Order Now" link next to the item you want to buy. This link will take you directly to that item at our Rediscover Music site. Once there, click "buy" to put the item into your shopping cart. If you would like to order more items, use your browser's "Back" button to come back here and continue browsing, or use the links to the left of the screen to see more items. You will be able to browse through all our available titles and view the song listings, too!

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