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Glenn Yarbrough got his start in the Limeliters - who despite never having a top ten radio hit were one of the most successful, polished, and professional folk trios of the 60's. With their impeccable harmonies, Glenn's magnificent tenor, Alex Hasilev's imaginative banjo playing, and Lou Gottlieb on bass (and out of the world humorous monologues) the Limeliters were totally unique. We're pleased to be able to offer Through Children's Eyes, one of the Limeliters best loved albums, and the one they themselves described as being "The best album we've ever been associated with."

Although technically a children's album, and recorded with a children's choir, the albums appeal is more universal than most children's albums could ever hope to be. The choir is a magnificent backing to the group, the songs overflow with infectious energy, and this reissue makes all of the original liner notes, photographs, and song lyrics available to fans everywhere.

Currently available from Folk Era Records:


Harmony - LIM2056D - Order Now!
Power & The Glory * Meetin' Here Tonight * City of New
Orleans * Harmony * Malaguena Salerosa * Madiera, M' Dear * Streamlined * Cannonball * Gari Gari * World's Last Truck Drivin' Man * Risin' of the
Moon * Danny Boy * Whiskey in the Jar * Oklahoma City Times * Lonesome
Traveler * Place in the Choir * Zhankoye * Strangest Dream/This Land (medley) *
The Chicago Tapes, First Set- LIM1458D - Order Now!
That's the Way It's Gonna Be * Grandma's Letter * The Honey Wind Blows * Love's Been Good To Me * Funky In The Country * Joy Across The Land * The Boxer * John Henry * Madiera M'Dear * Que Viva Espana * Medley: Hard Travelin'; Mt. Zion; Wayfarin' Stranger; Lonesome Traveller
The Chicago Tapes, Second Set- LIM1459D - Order Now!
I Come For To Sing * Meeting Here Tonight * Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven * Easy Now * Irish Medley: Minstrel Boy; Rising Of The Moon; Gypsy Rover; Whiskey In The Jar * Heaven Help Me For The Way I Am * Handcuffs Of My Heart * The City Of New Orleans * Gari Gari * Thank You Lord * Be Happy * Our Last Song Together
Through Children's Eyes - LIM2183D - Order Now!
Through Children's Eyes
This Train * Marty * Hey Jimmy Joe John Jim Jack * The Whale * Grace Darling * Morningtown Ride * Join Into The Game * I Had A Mule * Lollipop Tree * Run, Little Donkey * The Riddle Song * Stay On The Sunny Side * B-A Bay * America The Beautiful/This Land Is Your Land

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