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Kingston Trio

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In 1957, with six notes rolling melodically off a banjo and the spoken words of "Throughout history, there have been many songs written about the eternal triangle. This next one tells the story of a Mr. Grayson, a beautiful woman, and a condemened man named Tom Dooley," The Kingston Trio began to take the world by storm. Read more...

Currently available from Folk Era Records:
Snapshot: Live in Concert 1965 - KTR1477D - Order Now! 

CD1: Hard Travelin' * Early Morning Rain * MTA * They Call The Wind Maria * The Shape of Things * Greenback Dollar * Where I'm Bound * Reverend Mr. Black * Tom Dooley * Wimoweh

CD2: Hard Ain't It Hard * Getaway John * Reuben James * Last Thing On My Mind * Ann * Parchment Farm * The Merry Minuet * Hanna Lee * I'm Going Home * Where Have All The Flowers Gone? * Scotch and Soda * Saints Go Marching In

Tune-Up - KTR2060D - Order Now! 
Tune Up

Rocky (German) * Old Kentucky Land (German) * Love Has Gone * Allentown Jail * Green Grasses * Folksinger's Song * C'mon Betty Home * Nothing More To Look Forward To * Jane, Jane, Jane * Como Se Viene Se Va * Just Once Around The Clock * Green Grasses * Coo Coo U
Once Again... The Kingston Trio - KTR1472D - Order Now! 
Once Again

Worried Man * Greenback Dollar * Reuben James * Hard Ain't It Hard * California * Aspen Gold * Early Morning Rain * Scotch and Soda * MTA/Tom Dooley * Longest Beer Of The Night * Johnson Party of Four * Big Ship Glory
Everybody's Talking (The Houston Tapes Set 1) - KTR1464D - Order Now! 
Everybody's Talking

Hard, Ain't It Hard * Three Jolly Coachmen * Early Morning Rain * Greenback Dollar * Everybody's Talking * Ah Woe, Ah Me * M.T.A. * Everything * Long Black Veil * Hobo's Lullaby * Tom Dooley * Worried Man * Scotch and Soda * California
Stereo Concert Plus- KTR2037D - Order Now! 
Stereo Concert Plus

Saro Jane * I Bawled * Banua * Three Jolly Coachmen * South Coast * Coplas * They Call The Wind Maria * Santy Anno * Pay Me My Money Down * Ruby Red * Watsha * Lei Pakalana * Zombie Jamboree * Tom Dooley * Little Maggie * Shady Grove/Lonesome Traveller * Bay of Mexico * Saints Go Marching In
Treasure Chest - KTR2052D - Order Now! 
Treasure Chest

Blue Tattoo * Adieu To My Island * Sea Fever * Sail Away Ladies * Scarlet Ribbons * Oh Mary * World's Last Authentic Playboys * Ruby Red * Home From The Hill * Sally * Oh Cindy * Wines Of Madeira * Golden Spike * Green Grassed
An Evening With The Kingston Trio - KTR2064D - Order Now! 
Evening With

Little Light * Coplas * Reuben James * The Wagoner Lad * MTA * Chilly Winds * The Shape Of Things * Hard Ain't It Hard * Tom Dooley * Wimoweh * The Merry Minuet * Scotch and Soda * Where Have All The Flowers Gone * Saints Go Marching In * Goin' Away For To Leave You

Children of the Morning - KTR6017D - Order Now!

Children of the Morning
Children Of The Morning * Hit and Run * When You've Been Away For A Long Time * Lei Pakalana * Gaze On Other Heavens * A Taste Of Honey * Norwegian Wood * Put Your Money Away * Lock All The Windows * Less Of Me The Spinnin' Of The World * A Little Soul Is Born * Where Are You Going Little Boy * Go Tell Roger * Red River Shore * Runaway Song

Stay Awhile - KTR5435D - Discontinued

The Kingston Trio - Stay Awhile
Hanna Lee * Three Song * Gonna Go Down The River * Rusting In The Rain * Dooley * If I Had A Ship * Yes I Can Feel It * Bottle Of Wine * Stories of Old * Where I'm Bound * If You See Me Go * Stay Awhile * Dancing Distance * They Are Gone * Last Thing On My Mind * Early Morning Rain

The New Kingston Trio: The Lost Masters 1969 to 1972 - NKT1431D - Order Now!

The Kingston Trio - The New Kingston Trio:  The Lost Masters 69-72
You're The One * Nellie * Sold American * Peace Loving Gentleman * Rubber Car * Oldest Living Son * I'll Find You * Smokin' Grapevine * I'm On My Way Back Home * Minstrel Man * The Dutchman

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