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Glenn Yarbrough

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What the Press Says...

From his days as the singing mainstay of the Limeliters through a long solo career that's seen its share of hits. Glenn Yarbrough has been a respected interpreter of folk and popular music. He's had a top hit in "Baby, the Rain Must Fall" and his interpretation of "Seven Daffodils" is the benchmark against which love songs are measured. From his days in a boys choir through today, Glenn's powerful voice has rung with lusty conviction about all that he cares about. This album is not different in that respect; Glenn and Holly sing about family and other things they hold dear.

-John Shelton Ivany –Top 21 Issue, #270.

The San Francisco Tapes
Album Review
Folk Era has been responsible for unearthing a number of live tapes from key folk revival figures, including the Shaw
Brothers, Travis Edmonson, and the Limeliters. These tapes serve a dual purpose: expanding knowledge of the revival and offering new recordings for folk fans to enjoy. The San Francisco Tapes: Second Set captures Glenn Yarbrough in his prime, a couple years after his departure from the Limeliters. He's in great voice and offers nice takes on classics like "The Honey Wind Blows" and "Baby the Rain Must Fall." There's a wacky rearrangement of "Frankie and Johnnie" and a nice bluesy take on "Good Time Music." "San Francisco Bay Blues" proves an apt set-closer for a show taking place at The Hungry i. Some will question the release of The San Francisco Tapes: Second Set when
there's a great deal of song overlap with The San Francisco Tapes: First Set. The idea "to respect the integrity and flow of the original performance” makes sense. Live recordings of similar songs are always a bit different and besides, these tapes represent a golden
era in folk music. The album's arrangements include electric guitar, drums, and lots of piano, and the liner notes provide a nice historical backdrop. The San Francisco Tapes: Second Set brings back a singular moment in folk music history and will be warmly appreciated by revival fans.

-All-Music Guide, Ronnie D. Lankford, Jr.

Glenn & Holly - Family Portrait
Album Review

Glenn & Holly's debut recording together! Glenn's many long-time fans will be delighted to add this new gem to their collection, and amazed at Holly's gorgeous voice and the vocal interplay with her father. Together and separately they sing of the deep bonds between fathers and daughters, growing up, and growing older with a poignancy that can only emerge between two artists that share such a deep and loving bond.

Family Portrait features moving renditions of songs by some of folk's best known writers like Bill Staines and Cheryl Wheeler. The acoustic arrangements of cello, violin, bass, and the artful guitar playing of producer and National Guitar Finger Picking Champion Muriel Anderson, add a contemporary depth and beauty to the album.

Love For Life
Album Review

Love For Life, is perhaps the most unique of Glenn's albums featured here. After sailing so many times around the world, and ending up in some pretty remote places, Glenn realized that "Sailing, although it's not easy work, is self indulgent. If I were a doctor, I would be useful in the remote places I go to."

Divine Love
Album Review

Divine Love is Glenn Yarbrough's first exploration of spiritual songs. It's genesis, like many of the things in Glenn's life, comes from his adventures on the sea. "Several years ago while sailing my small boat across the Pacific Ocean," he explains, "I came upon a storm at sea -- a storm so great that I did not think it possible to survive. Under these circumstances I addressed the Deity, making a rash promise that if I were allowed to survive I would make the greatest album of spiritual songs ever recorded.

I Could Have Been A Sailor
Album Review

On I Could Have Been A Sailor, Glenn combines his two greatest loves - sailing and singing. He carefully chose these songs as best expressing his feelings about the sea. Since in his life Glenn has owned over 10 different sailboats, sailed around the world five times, and been in every ocean at least once, it's hard to think of another person with a closer affinity for the sea then Glenn.

Live At The Troubador
Album Review

Glenn Yarbrough - Live At The Troubadour is one of Glenn's definitive albums. Capturing many of his greatest hits & most requested songs, like "Far Side Of The Hill," & "Grandma's Letter," Live At The Troubadour was recorded live in front of a packed house at the Troubadour on Santa Monica Boulevard in Los Angeles, California in the summer of 1978. Glenn decided to record the album because he felt the band was the best he had ever worked with, and the timelessness of this recording has proved him correct in the years since.

All Time Favorites-2 Disc Set
Album Review

Glenn Yarbrough's album All Time Favorites, is a collection of pop's most recognizable tunes. Glenn says the songs are what he imagines his fans "all time favorite" songs would be, and many, if not most, of the songs on this two disc set are actually songs Glenn has never sung before. With Discs of varied material - from Glenn's top selling hit "Baby The Rain Must Fall," to classic folk ballads like "Scarlet Ribbons," to the showtunes that Glenn has always done so well, like "The Impossible Dream," and contemporary songs like Stevie Wonder's "I Just Called To Say I Love You," All Time Favorites is sure to have a favorite tune for everybody.

The songs on All Time Favorites are all newly recorded versions of the songs, so the album a delightful cohesiveness. It's an album of light songs and unforgettable ballads, blanketed with easy listening favorites sung in Glenn's unmistakable tenor.

Baby The Rain Must Fall
Album Review

In 1963 after Glenn Yarbrough had left the Limeliters, he planned to take off the next few years and sail around the world. But before he managed to set sail, his record label intervened and begged him to record just one more album. One album became four and suddenly in 1965, "Baby the Rain Must Fall" was one of the most popular albums of the year, and suddenly Glenn Yarbrough went from being not just a folk star, but a pop star.

First released in 1965, Baby The Rain Must Fall sold over a million copies and quickly became the #1 single in radio markets across the country. Glenn's world famous vibrato combined with folk favorites like, "The Bull Frog Song," and "Rusting in the Rain," plus the phenomenal success of the title track show why this album has remained in demand for over 35 years.

This reissue CD combines all of the original songs from the LP along with the original liner notes, a reprint of the text from a 1965 souvenir book describing the creation of the album, a reminisce from Glenn, and several rare photographs.

"I remember Glenn once saying that he would rather make good records than hit records; in Baby the Rain Must Fall he has managed to do both. Here is a collection of songs picked with care and long deliberation and performed with the same warmth and feeling that a Glenn Yarbrough recording has always had," Rod McKuen

Live At Harrah's Reno-2 Disc Set
Album Review

Live at Harrah's Reno, the latest album by Glenn Yarbrough, and is one of the liveliest, most spirited albums of his career. Recorded live in 1995 at Harrah's Hotel and Casino in Reno, Nevada, it is a testament to Yarbrough's innate ability to perform on stage. It is also Glenn's first live recording in over 20 years. The songs selected were chosen as a reflection and almost as a summary of Yarbrough's long and successful career. They echo the joys and triumphs, regrets and sorrow he has experienced, but above all reflect an unconventional wisdom earned through decades of musical achievement.

With Live At Harrah's. Glenn's top selling hit "Baby The Rain Must Fall," at last makes it's first appearance on one of his live recordings, and fans also finely have a recording of what has been a highlight of Glenn Yarbrough concerts for the last several years - the classic folk ballad "Danny Boy," which showcases Glenn's beautiful tenor like no other song can.

Live At Harrah's is more than a souvenir of the Glenn Yarbrough concerts his fans have attended, remembered, and cherished - it is a document of a born entertainer in his element - on the stage.

Lonely Things
Album Review

The Lonely Things, subtitled The Love Songs of Rod McKuen, is Glenn Yarbrough’s classic 1966 album of Rod McKuen’s poetry and love songs. Yarbrough’s majestic tenor brings a rich life and emotion to McKuen’s enchanting verse, creating an album that has lasted and been loved for over thirty years. It is an an album worth collecting.

No one had an ability to create passages of tender poetry and stories of first love in quite the way Rod McKuen was able to. His songs embody a movie-like aura and Gone With The Wind romanticism carried by sensitive lyrics and soft melodies, and are the pefect marriage to Yarbrough’s warm, engaging tenor. Poetry is both spoken and sung on The Lonely Things, intertwined with a mature and breathless quality that was unqiue to . “Night Song,” “People Change” and “The World Before Goodbye” are just a few of the memorable songs that are brought to life through McKuen’s eloquent poetry and Glenn’s gentle singing.

Glenn and Holly Sing Annie Get Your Gun
Album Review

Glenn Yarbrough's first ever album of showtunes was inspired by his debut as Frank Butler in a national touring production of Annie Get Your Gun. His daughter Holly joins him on record for the second time singing thirteen songs from Irving Berlin's classic American musical about sharpshooter Annie Oakley & Buffalo Bill Cody's Wild West Show.

Christmas With Glenn Yarbrough
Album Review

Christmas With Glenn Yarbrough is a delightful collection of favorite Christmas songs, both traditional Christian carols and contemporary popular Christmas songs from Glenn's beautiful tenor

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