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The Chad Mitchell Trio
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What the Press Says...

Virgo Moon
Album Review

Chad's solo album, Virgo Moon, is a combination of contemporary folk ballads and traditional folk rhythms. The lead track on this album, "Outbound Plane," was picked up by country singer Suzy Bogguss, and became an immediate hit on country radio. In addition to Mitchell's outstanding voice, which is as compelling today as when he first began in the early 60's, his songs are performed in the invigorating style only Mitchell can equal.

Mighty Day On Campus (Live)
Album Review

This album is the first of two live concert albums released by the Chad Mitchell Trio. Mighty Day on Campus was taken from a concert performed in front of over 3,000 enthusiastic college Students at the Brooklyn College in New York. When the Trio ang favorites like "Hang On the Bell, Nellie" and "Lizzie Borden," the audience's enthusiasm spilled into the reocrding to make Mighty Day On Campus one of the most exciting live albums from the folk boom of the 60's.

Chad Mitchell Trio

This was the first Chad Mitchell Trio album to feature the core group of Chad Mitchell, Mike Kobluk, Joe Frazier, and instrumental accompaniest Jim McGuinn. McGuinn, who later was to change his first name to Roger, is best know to music fans as the founder of the Byrds, but was a member of the Chad Mitchell for the first two albums on Kapp, and his instrumental prowess was already evident.

This album has remained a fan favorite and is considered a must have by Chad Mitchell Trio fans worldwide. Lovingly reissued, the album contains lenghty liner notes telling the Chad Mitchell Trio story, and many rare or previously unseen photographs from the collection of Chad Mitchell.

Mighty Day Reunion
Album Review

After 20 years of neither performing or recording together, the Chad Mitchell Trio were reunited by the World Folk Music Association in 1987 to showcase some of the most beloved Trio hits. A short tour followed, and one of the concerts, given in North Carolina on November 14, 1987 was recorded. This concert, called the Mighty Day Reunion, was extra special in that besides reuninting the core Chad Mitchell Trio of Chad Mitchell, Mike Kobluk, and Joe Frazier, they were joined by special guest John Denver. Denver's start in professional music had been with the Mitchell Trio in 1965 following Chad Mitchell's departure for the group.

The Mighty Day Reunion features 13 songs with Mike, Joe, and Chad performing together, one song from Mike, Joe, and John Denver, and one song, "Last Night I Had The Strangest Dream," performed by all four of the Mitchell Trio members. It is the only time John Denver and Chad Mitchell's voices were captured singing together.

At The Bitter End
Album Review

This album, recorded in March of 1962, is the second of two live recordings from The Chad Mitchell Trio. After the Trio's prior performance in front of 3,000 enthusiastic college students, the Trio chose New York's Bitter End coffeehouse to record it's second live album. Their management thought it a more intimate setting and Greenwich Village, Bleeker Street, and coffeehouses were virtually synonymous with folk music.

Chad Mitchell Trio

Tom Paxton, Judy Collins, Phil Ochs, and Pete Seeger, were regular entertainmeners at the coffeehouse givign the Bitter End a respected reputation for great talent. "The John Birch Society" and "James James Morrison Morrison" were two Trio fan favorites that debuted on this album. The Liner notes continue the Chad Mitchell Trio story from where Mighty Day on Campus left off, and again feature rare photographs from the collection of Chad Mitchell.

Reunion 2
Album Review

The Chad Mitchell Trio Reunion Part II presents the rest of the material recorded by The Chad Mitchell Trio on their 1987 reunion tour. Reunion Part 2 features seventeen more famous Chad Mitchell Trio ballads such as, "Brother Can You Spare a Dime?" and the "Marvelous Toy" as performed by Chad Mitchell, Mike Kobluk, and Joe Frazier. Accompanying the Trio for these reunion performances were their original accompaniests, David 'Jake' Ander and Paul Prestopino, and together the Chad Mitchell Trio prove that despite a twenty year hiatus from recording or performing together, they are still one of tightest and most riveting groups to emerge from the folk era.

Reunion Part 2 is also unique in that it features Mitchell Trio alumni John Denver giving a short speech about the need for Nuclear Disarmament and performing the song, "Let Us Begin." The song, co-written with Russia's most popular songwriter, Alexander Grotsky, is performed to a backing track featuring the voices of Grotsky, the Moscow Cultural Chamber Choir, and the music of the Moscow Symphony Orchestra. This is the only known recording and performance of that piece with the backing, and is far superior to any of Denver's other recordings of that song.

Blowin' In The Wind
Album Review

This album was recorded in the studio after coming back from a 90 day South American tour sponsored by John F. Kennedy's State Department. Upon returning in June, 1962, the group recorded their third album for the Kapp label. "Blowin' In The Wind" and "Leave Me If You Want To," were two of the thirteen inspiring ballads sung on the album. Originally titled "In Action," the album was later renamed, "Blowin In The Wind" to capitalize on the attention that song was receiving. "Blowin In The Wind" was also the first Chad Mitchell Trio to feature new accompanists Paul Prestopino and David 'Jake' Ander.

The liner notes conclude the story of the Chad Mitchell Trio on Kapp records, again with rare photos and quotes from the musicians involved in the albums.

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