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The Chad Mitchell Trio

Chad Mitchell Trio w/ John Denver
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The Chad Mitchell Trio, one of the most popular folk groups of the sixties, completed over a dozen classic albums. Their blend of humor, political satire, and stunning harmony took the folk world by storm. Read more...

"They don't sound like anybody else. I like that. They lay out a blanket and every song is a picnic"
-- Warren Nelson, Wisconsin Public Radio

Currently available from Folk Era Records:
Himself and Love, A Feeling Of - CMI1474D - Order Now!
Virgo Moon

The Other Side Of This Life * Buddy, Can You Spare A Dime * Quiet Room * Half A Crown * Broadway Is A Tame Street * Violets Of Dawn * She Was Too Good To Me * Dark As A Dungeon * Over The Rainbow * Marieka * Better Than Anything * Love (Webster's Definition Of) * Poem On An Underground Wall * As Time Goes By * The Life That We Lead * Suzanne * Poems To Eat * Without Rhyme Or Reason * This Afternoon * Jane, Jane * To A Daughter-In-Law Unknown

Virgo Moon - CMI1590D - Order Now!
Virgo Moon

Outbound Plane * My Name Joe * A Thousand Miles Away* This Missin' You Heart Of Mine * Wild Plainsman's Kind * Vital Signs * Clinging to the Vine * Lost in a Memory Of You * Good Times * Nobody Ever Gets Killed in Our House

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Mighty Day on Campus (Live) - CMT3262D - Order Now!
Mighty Day Reunion

Mighty Day * Rum By Gum * The Whistling Gypsy * Super Skier * Dona Dona Dona * Whup Jamboree * Lizzie Borden * Tale Toddle * Johnnie * Puttin' On Style * Hang On the Bell, Nellie * On My Journey

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Mighty Day Reunion - CMT1422D - Order Now!
Mighty Day Reunion

Mighty Day * Four Strong Winds * Can't Help But Wonder Where I'm Bound * The Great Historical Bum (The Bragging Song) * Fyve-io * The John Birch Society * Johnny * The Ballad of the Greenland Whalers * Which Hat Shall I Wear? * The Sinking of Reuben James * An African Song * Maladyozhenaya * Lizzie Borden * For Baby (For Bobbie) * Last Night I Had the Strangest Dream

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At The Bitter End - CMT3281D - Order Now!
At The Bitter End

The John Birch Society * Hello Susan Brown * The Unfortunate Man * Blues Around My Head * James James Morrison Morrison * The Great Historical Bum (The Bragging Song)* Alberta * Golden Vanity * Moscow Nights * Come Along Home (Tom's Song)* You Can Tell the World * Last Night I Had the Strangest Dream

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Reunion...Part 2 - CMT1438D - Order Now!
Reunion...Part 2

Waves On the Sea * Hang On the Bell, Nellie * The Whistling Gypsy * The Unfortunate Man * Tell Old Bill * Tail Toddle * What Did You Learn in School Today? * Ronnie's Boys * The Draft Dodger Rag * The Virgin Mary * Gorpus Morpus * Nicaragua * Adios Mi Corazon * Brother Can You Spare a Dime? * The Marvelous Toy * Let Us Begin (J. Denver)

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Blowin' In The Wind - CMT3313D - Order Now!
Blowin' In The Wind
Leave Me If You Want To * Green Grow the Lilacs * The Story of Alice - Part I * The Ides of Texas (and Don't Fence Me In) * Alice Revisited * The Ballad of the Greenland Whalers * Alice: Sequel * Blowin' In The Wind * Adios MI Corazon * Run Run Run * My Guitar * Me Voy Pa Bete * One Day When I Was Lost (Easter Morn)

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