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Brandywine Singers
Brothers Four
Bud and Travis

Clancy Brothers
Travis Edmonson
Fannigans Isle
Dick Foley/Terry Lauber
Bob Gibson
George Grove

dotThe Highwaymen
The Hillside Singers
Kingston Trio
The Limeliters

McNamara & Neeley

Chad Mitchell Trio
Paul Robeson
Shaw Brothers
John Stewart
The Tarriers
Town Criers
Various Artists
Taylor Whiteside
Glenn Yarbrough

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Folk Era Records Catalog

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The Brandywine Singers    Stock #  
The Brandywine Singers BSI1451D Order Now!
I Lost My Yo-Yo BSI1452D Order Now!
World Class Folk BSI1402D Order Now!
Brothers Four    Stock #  
Greenfields And Other Gold BFO1434D Order Now!
The Tokyo Tapes BFO1435D Order Now!
Bud and Travis Stock #
The Latin Album BTR1471D Order Now!
Santa Monica Concert BTR1468D Order Now!
The Clancy Brothers    Stock #  
Tunes & Tales Of Ireland CBR2061D Order Now!
Travis Edmonson    Stock #  
Live at UC Santa Barbara TED1466D Order Now!
Tucson Tapes Set 1 TED1460D Order Now!
Tucson Tapes Set 2 TED1461D Order Now!
Fannigan's Isle    Stock #  
Orange & Green FIS1425D Order Now!
Rambles Of Spring FIS1439D Discontinued
Dick Foley and Terry Lauber    Stock #  
Sing it Again DFL1476D Order Now!
Bob Gibson    Stock #  
I Come For To Sing (book) BGI9082B Discontinued
Stops Along the Way BGI1426D Order Now!
Gibson & Camp Revisited BGI1413D Order Now!
George Grove    Stock #  
In The Middle Of A Life GGR1445D



The Highwaymen Stock #  
The Cambridge Tapes (2 CDs) HIG1478D Order Now!
Hillside Singers Stock #  
I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing HSI1470D Order Now!
I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing/Merry Christmas HSI1467D Order Now!
The Kingston Trio    Stock #  
Snapshot KTR1477D Order Now!
Once Again the Kingston Trio KTR1472D Order Now!
Tune-Up KTR2060D Order Now!
Everybody's Talking (The Houston Tapes Set 1) KTR1464D Order Now!
Stereo Concert Plus KTR2037D Order Now!
Treasure Chest KTR2052D Order Now!
An Evening With KTR2064D Order Now!
Children Of The Morning KTR6017D Order Now!
Stay Awhile KTR5435D Discontinued
The Lost Masters 1969-1972 NKT1431D Order Now!
The Limeliters    Stock #  
Harmony LIM2056D Order Now!
Through Children's Eyes LIM2183D Order Now!
Chicago Tapes Set 1 LIM1458D Order Now!
Chicago Tapes Set 2 LIM1459D Order Now!
McNamara and Neeley    Stock #  
About Time MNE1479D Order Now!

Modern Folk Quartet (MFQ)    Stock #  
Christmas MFQ1404D Order Now!

Chad Mitchell Trio    Stock #  
Himself and Love, A Feeling Of CMI1474D Order Now!
Virgo Moon CMI1590D Order Now!
Mighty Day On Campus CMT3262D Order Now!
Mighty Day Reunion CMT1422D Order Now!
Mighty Day Reunion Part 2 CMT1438D Order Now!
At The Bitter End CMT3281D Order Now!
Blowin' In The Wind CMT3313D Order Now!
Paul Robeson   Stock #  
The Peace Arch Concerts PRO1442D Order Now!
Freedom Train PRO1447D Order Now!
The Shaw Brothers    Stock #  
Collection SBR2041D Order Now!
Follow Me SBR1450D Order Now!
Something Special SBR1453D Order Now!
Concert In The Park SBR1454D Order Now!
The Day the Tall Ships Came GYS1455D Order Now!
John Stewart    Stock #  
Bite My Foot JST1441D Order Now!

Signals Through The Glass

JST7088D Order Now!
Live At The Turf Inn-Scotland JST1428D Order Now!
Chilly Winds JST1401D Order Now!
Rough Sketches JST1437D Order Now!
Bandera JST1436D Order Now!
The Tarriers    Stock #  
Tell The World About This TAR1473D Order Now!
The Tarriers TAR1456D Order Now!
Town Criers    Stock #  
Journey TCR1465D Order Now!
Various Artists    Stock #  
We The People JCA1469D Order Now!
Freedom Is A Constant Struggle FRE1419D Order Now!
Taylor Whiteside  Stock #  
Martin Greigh and Other New England Favorites TWH1406D Order Now!
Glenn Yarbrough    Stock #  
No One Is Alone GYA1475D Order Now!
Honey and Wine GYA1715D Order Now!
Let the World Go By GYA1714D Order Now!
The Bitter and The Sweet GYA1713D Order Now!
The Havenstock River Band GYA1712D Order Now!
Glenn & Holly Family Portrait GYA1416D Order Now!
The Day the Tall Ships Came GYS1455D Order Now!
Chantyman GYA1457D Order Now!
Chicago Tapes Set 1 LIM1458D Order Now!
Chicago Tapes Set 2 LIM1459D Order Now!
San Francisco Tapes Set 1 GYA1462D Order Now!
San Francisco Tapes Set 2 GYA1463D Order Now!
Love For Life GYA1700D Order Now!
Divine Love GYA1701D Order Now!
I Could Have Been A Sailor GYA1702D Order Now!
Live At The Troubador GYA1704D Order Now!
Christmas With Glenn GYA1705D Order Now!
Glenn & Holly Sing Annie Get Your Gun GYA1706D Order Now!
All Time Favorites - 2 CD Set GYA1707D Order Now!
Baby The Rain Must Fall GYA1708D Order Now!
Time To Move On GYA1709D Order Now!
Live At Harrah's - 2 CD Set GYA1710D Order Now!
Lonely Things GYA2182D Order Now!

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